For the sake of the environment
live and act sustainably.
More durable materials and
environmentally friendly production processes
are a matter of course for us.

Against the backdrop of growing environmental sensitivity, we, Paolo Sandro AG, have a special duty as a supplier of carrier bags and packaging.


Paper carrier bags

Paper is a classic, biodegradable material, made from the renewable raw material wood.
The FSC® trademark on wood and wood products stands for transparency and credibility worldwide. It ensures that people and nature are treated fairly and responsibly.

Climate neutral carrier bags

Climate protection is a major concern for us, which is why we offer climate-neutral packaging in cooperation with ClimatePartner.

By using climate-neutral packaging, you contribute to global climate protection, support recognized climate protection projects and receive a certificate issued in your name.

We will be happy to advise you. From the calculation to the compensation of CO2 emissions to the clear labeling of your products with ID numbers and labels.

Klimaneutrale Tragetaschen

Foil carrier bags

RECYCLING carrier bags consist of at least 80% recycled film.

An environmentally friendly alternative to “virgin carrier bags” are carrier bags made of recycled plastic from the “Der blaue Engel” cycle. In this process, used film waste is processed into recycled raw material, which is then used to manufacture the new carrier bags.

With each RECYCLING bag, you reduce CO² emissions by up to 40%. Our recycled carrier bags have been awarded the environmental seal “Der Blaue Engel”. You can be sure that bags that have the “Der Blaue Engel” label are made of at least 80% post consumer recycled (PCR) material.

Reusable carrier bags

From bottle to bag:

PET carrier bags conserve natural resources, especially because they are durable and robust. They are made from at least 80% recycled PET bottles.

By laminating the bags, they achieve even greater durability, which puts these bags far ahead in the environmental balance sheet.

Zertifikate Fairtrade Cotton & Textiles Vertrauen

The production and processing of the cotton bag is according to Ökotex 100 and BSCI standards.

Carrier bags from nature

All our cotton and jute carrier bags are AZO-free. A worldwide networked control system of authorized institutes continuously checks compliance with the criteria of specified test parameters. Our cotton carrier bags are dyed with reactive dyes.

This creates a chemical bond between the fabric and the dye. Through our dyeing process we achieve wash-resistant colors with high color saturation. Just like the dyes used to color the fibers, our printing inks are free of AZO substances and heavy metals.

Cotton bags are traditionally produced in countries such as China, India or Pakistan. Through constant controls of our long-term producers, we ensure that social standards and ecological requirements are met in the production of the cotton bag. Our partners produce cotton bags guaranteed without child labor.








We have only have ‘one’ environment and it is our goal to contribute with our products to protect and preserve it.

Protecting them should be the endeavor of all of us.

This is what we live and act for.

Sustainability means enabling future generations to have the same livelihoods and resources as we do through our own behavior.